The Visual Organic Chemistry Laboratory is an on line lab course, which can be used anywhere with proper attribution.

At San Jose State University we are teaching a one semester (15 week) course for science majors with two 3-hour sections per week.

This site was begun as a way of helping students to prepare for laboratory (Chem 113A is the first semester upper division lab). High-quality photographs are linked to flow diagrams to help place the procedural steps in the context of the overall process. We added several features to the original model, including video and animation. There is also a FAQ section, which was suggested by students.

We had used a laboratory text, but found that we had modified the experiments so much that it became confusing. So we did away with the text for Chem 113A (we still use it in the advanced organic labs) . Recently our experimental procedures have been included on the site.

Background information for the experiments is in the process of being written - presently it is given in lecture. We also plan to include sections on real-life applications of the material.

Sample test and keys are on the site, and some of the lecture notes. Spectroscopy problem sets are not on line yet - we provide them and a full set of lecture notes as a bound volume for students, but by Spring 2003 all of this will be on line.

We do still use a spectroscopy text - Introduction to Spectroscopy by Pavia, et.al.

We also provide this site to students as a CD (so the videos can be viewed at home without a high-speed connection). [Copy available on request].

If you do make use of this site, I would certainly like to hear any opinions or suggestions you may care to share:


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