Folding Filter Paper (Steps 1-4)   

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Photo Explanation
Step 1: Begin by folding a large filter paper in half. In this and other steps, use pressure to crease the paper.  

NOTE: Various sizes of Watman #1 filter paper (standard porosity) are self-serve items at the Service Center counter. The largest of the self-serve papers (11 cm) fits our wide-stem funnels.

NOTE: Some of these steps may be difficult to visualize if using a lower-resolution monitor).

Step 2: The half circle is folded as follows: fold both edges in toward an imaginary center line which bisects the half-circle. The edges meet at the center.
Step 3: Next fold the edges which had just been brought in contact backwards to meet the outer edges. Press to crease the folds.

The shadow of the folded paper is a quadrant.

Step 4:

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One side is folded toward the other and creased as shown.

The shadow of the folded paper is now an octant.

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