Gravity Filtration


Click here to see how to fold filter paper.

Gravity Filtration Explanation
Step 1: • Fold filter paper as shown above. This fluted paper offers a large surface area for efficient filtering.

• Place folded filter paper in wide stemmed funnel.  (Use of a wide stem is particularly desirable when doing hot gravity filtrations, since a narrow stem will often plug up with precipitated solids.)

• Pour slowly enough to ensure that liquid will not overflow filter.

REMINDER:  Gravity filtration is normally used to remove unwanted solids from a desired solution.  (In contrast, to collect a solid product, the usual choice is vacuum filtration).  In both processes the solution passing through the filter is called the "filtrate."

  • Rinse out flask with one or two portions of fresh solvent to wash the desired (soluble) materials from the solid.
Step 3:

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The wash portion(s) is then poured through the filter and combined directly with the filtrate.

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