Sofie DeNardi helped me to put up the original site in Spring 2000. There were many technical challenges to overcome, and Sofie solved these as well as coming up with the format for the web site (photos with adjacent text, inspired by a site Sofie located at the University of Calgary). Sofie helped to develop some of the content, particularly the microscale distillation series of illustrations. I am also grateful for her assistance in developing a new protocol for extraction of caffeine, and for work she performed in synthesis of haptens in my lab. Sofie entered UC Davis medical school in Fall 2000. She will be an excellent physician.



Olga Rosito has assisted in many aspects of the site development. She has also contributed to assessment of the site development work using online surveys (zoomerang). Olga helped to get the first video segments produced and posted on the site. Olga also developed the site index, among many other contributions. Olga is a premedical student at SJSU. With her husband, Michael, she operates a home-based enterprise selling computer memory online. I am very grateful for her assistance since Fall 2000.



Gregg Wrenn is an extremely creative postbaccalaureate undergraduate who has contributed greatly to the site, particularly in the area of video and animation. Greg has solid credentials in television (an undergraduate degree from UCSD and a web site he regularly writes for) as well as animation (he has created a hilarious online cartoon). The new series of videos, with sharp resolution and professional lighting, are the work of Gregg and his colleague Doug Smith. The animation Gregg has done (assembly of a distillation apparatus, for example) give the site a unique and engaging character. Gregg intends to continue his education in medical school, where I have no doubt he will make many fine contributions.



Bryndon Burfine is a SJSU undergraduate with a chemistry web site of his own (

He has helped with the NMR rollovers and formatting of the site.



Lan Wang is an engineering student with a 'can do' attitude and a very solid grasp of programming in java script and other languages. Lan wrote out grade calculator in java script. Lan set up the Google Search feature. Most impressively, Lan worked out and implemented the pop-up windows visible when one rolls the mouse over areas of a photograph (PC not Macintosh at this point). Lan is a brilliant contributor, and his help is most appreciated.



Doug Smith is not a student, he is a professional videographer. He works often with Gregg Wrenn, and was gracious enough to spend an entire day assisting us in filming the many video clips which Gregg has so ably edited. Thank you, Doug!



Ludwig Mayer of our Chemistry Department has served as a consultant in all phases of this work. His advice has been invaluable.



Frank Rossi is a lecturer in our Department with solid organic credentials (Ph.D. Jerrold Meinwald). Frank is making many creative contributions to our curriculum, and was so kind as to assist in shooting videos all day on a beautiful October saturday.



Center for Faculty Development in the Offices of the Provost and Faculty Affairs. The LPP Planning Grant and Development Grant gave us some of the resources we needed including video and computer equipment, student assistant salary, and release time for this most time intensive endeavor. Willie Simon and Coleen Saylor have been especially helpful.



Pam Stacks, Chemistry Department Chair, has been very supportive of this project and has applied much creativity in tapping needed resources.



Gerry Selter, Dean of the College of Science and an organic chemist, made the three computers in SCI-143A available to our students for review of the web site before lab. He has also critiqued many features of our work, and has made helpful suggestions. His encouragement is much appreciated.



Tina Le, director of the Service Center, and Sarah Williams, student assistant assisted by assembling the vast array of equipment needed for the videos.


Claire Dougherty of Northwestern University was involved in setting up the web site DVAction, a chemistry video resource. She provided very helpful advice for our video endeavors.


College of Science Help Desk: Josh Hung has be especially helpful in setting up the streaming server for video.