Who We Are

SAACS is the chemistry club at SJSU for chemistry and chemistry related majors. SAACS is an acronym for Student-Affiliates of the American Chemical Society. There are approximately 800 such student-affiliated chapters of the ACS across the country.

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is the largest professional scientific society in the world. The ACS has over 15,000 members and over 8,000 student members. The ACS also publishes over 20 internationally recognized scientific journals.

The SAACS clubroom is in the basement of Duncan Hall (room 20). You may contact us through the following email address:

Our 2010-2011 SAACS officers are:

President - Caitlin Crowder
Vice President - Rachel Hussey
Secretary: Anh-Dai Nguyen
General Manager: Michelle Levish
Event Coordinator: Tim Hom

Our club advisors are:

Dr. Lionel Cheruzel

Dr. Gilles Muller