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General Goal of the Eggers Lab:

To understand
               the subtlety
                           of water in


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Lab article in the Washington Square Magazine: pdf

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Recent Presentations by PI:

Desolvation Energy and Binding Equilibria: Why the Binding "Constant" Isn't Constant
D.K. Eggers;
    University of the Pacific, Chemistry Department,
    Stockton, CA, Nov 8, 2016 (talk).

Effect of Co-Solutes on Model Binding Equilibria: Might Changes in the Free Energy of Water Be the Underlying Cause?
    D.K. Eggers;
    60th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society,
    Los Angeles, Feb 28, 2016 (poster).

Desolvation Energy: A Rationale for Changes in Binding Affinity as Measured by ITC
D.K. Eggers, J.M. Le, D.N. Pham, N.T. Nham, and F.A. Contreras;
    59th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society,
    Baltimore, Feb 7-11, 2015 (poster).

Experimental Measure of Desolvation Energy and the Effects of Secondary Solutes on a Model Binding Reaction
D.K. Eggers, J.M. Le, D.N. Pham, N.T. Nham;
    Gordon Research Conference, Water and Aqueous Solutions,
    Holderness, NH, Jul 27-Aug 01, 2014 (poster)

Neglect of Water in Binding Equilibria: Why Binding "Constants" Aren't Constant with Changing Reactant Concentrations
D.K. Eggers and B.M. Castellano;
    246th ACS National Meeting,
    Indianapolis, Sep 11, 2013 (poster).

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