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General Goal of the Eggers Lab:

To understand
               the subtlety
                           of water in


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Lab article in the Washington Square Magazine: pdf

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Recent Presentations by PI:

Experimental Measure of Desolvation Energy and the Effects of Secondary Solutes on a Model Binding Reaction
D.K. Eggers, J.M. Le, D.N. Pham, N.T. Nham
    Gordon Research Conference, Water and Aqueous Solutions
    Holderness, NH, Jul 27-Aug 01, 2014 (poster)

Neglect of Water in Binding Equilibria: Why Binding "Constants" Aren't Constant with Changing Reactant Concentrations
D.K. Eggers and B.M. Castellano,
    246th ACS National Meeting,
    Indianapolis, Sep 11, 2013 (poster).

Calorimetric Determination of Desolvation Energy for a Model Binding Reaction in Dilute and Crowded Solutions
D.K. Eggers, B.M. Castellano, and S. Dharmaraj,
    57th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society,
    Philadelphia, Feb 2-6, 2013 (poster).

Experimental Support for Inclusion of Desolvation Energy in the Fundamental Equations for Binding Equilibria
D.K. Eggers and B.M. Castellano,
    244th ACS National Meeting, Solvent Dynamics at Biomolecular Interfaces (PHYS #16),
    Philadelphia, Aug 19, 2012 (speaker).

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